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Welcome To My Home Page

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Shoemaker.I am 20yrs old.I live 30miles north of Allentown, PA. I recently graduated from college with my Associates in Arts degree in Specail Education. I raise,show,and sell Standard Rex rabbits. I raise Castors and broken castors. I am a member of ARBA, and Mason Dixion Rex Rabbit Club.I have had chickens for many years but recently decided to start breeding and selling Silkies ( buff,partridge,splash,and blue) and Belgium D'uccles(Mille Fleur, and porcelain). If you would like to get in contact with me my email is Hyperchic4u2@yahoo.com.

Shows I will be attending

All Photo's and information on this site are property of ES Rabbitry, please do not take them without permission from the owners,  if you do please give credit where credit is due.Thank you.

Not only do I have a passion for rabbits and chickens but probably an even stronger passion for horses.My horse Carah gave birth to her first foal 08/04/08. She had a bay Arabain filly, with a white star and snip, and two white socks. Her name is Ella,short for bratanella(even though she is very good). She is to smart for her own britchs, she is into everything, adores everyone, and she thinks she is the center of EVERYBODIES world. Check out some pictures of her on my animals,friends, and family picture page.


About my Family and Animals

My mom's name is Angie,my dad's name is Ed and my little brother name is Evan.We live on a 12 acre Farm. I had rabbits all my life, but just got into showing five years ago. We started with two pedigree rex rabbits I get from a fair...and after that first show we were hooked and also took about a half a dozen home with us that day.

Grace I can not thank you enough for Carah. My Aunt was right, the right horse would come along, I just had to give it time.Thank you for helping my dreams of owning another horse again come true. You are truely a wonderful women.